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Test Run Engine (TRE)

Tesmon Test Run Engine is a custom execution engine that allows you to run all your tests within your environment. It uses a WebSocket connection with the Tesmon cloud to coordinate test execution, ensuring that all tests run smoothly and efficiently. The Test Run Engine is designed to protect your sensitive data and credentials, so you don't have to worry about Tesmon being able to access them.

The Test Run Engine can be deployed within your VPC or security group, allowing it to access your resources without requiring you to allow-list or provision special access. This means you can access your resources in your tests without additional setup or configuration.

Tesmon Test Run Engine deployed within a private subnet of the customer's public cloud, ensuring secure and scalable test execution

The Test Run Engine is distributed as a Docker container package. You can access it at Test Run Engine packages. This containerized solution allows you to deploy the Test Run Engine effortlessly on your local machine or in a public cloud environment.