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Tesmon CLI

The Tesmon Command-Line Interface (CLI) is built to facilitate the execution of Tesmon tests directly from a local machine, enabling quicker iteration and development. With the Tesmon CLI, developers can run their test cases effortlessly and ensure their accuracy without any complexity.

It's important to note that while Tesmon currently supports running tests from within Visual Studio Code, the Tesmon CLI opens up the possibility of using any preferred editor for executing and validating test cases.

Installing CLI

Install Tesmon CLI from npm by running the following command:

npm install -g @tesmon/cli


To authenticate Tesmon's CLI with your Tesmon account, run the following command:

tesmon auth

This command will initiate the authentication process, prompting you to enter your Tesmon API token. By providing your API token, you establish a secure connection between the CLI and your Tesmon account.


To learn more about using Tesmon's CLI and all of the commands and options available, run the following command:

tesmon help