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Tesmon offers seamless integrations with popular platforms, including Slack and Git, to enhance your testing workflow and integrate with your existing ecosystem

If you have specific integration requests or need assistance with a particular integration, please reach out to our support team.

Slack Integration

With Tesmon's Slack integration, you can receive real-time updates and notifications about your test runs directly in your Slack workspace. Stay informed about the status of your test runs, including successes, failures, and other important events. Tesmon sends notifications to the specified Slack channels, ensuring that your team stays connected and up to date on the progress of your testing activities.

Git Integration

Tesmon offers a powerful Git integration that allows you to seamlessly connect your test cases and test suites stored in Git repositories with Tesmon's testing platform. With this integration, you can effortlessly pull tests from your Git repositories into Tesmon and execute them either directly from the Tesmon UI or as part of your CI/CD pipeline.

More Integrations - Coming Soon

At Tesmon, we are committed to continuously expanding our list of integrations to provide you with flexibility and compatibility with your preferred tools and platforms. We are actively working on new integrations to enhance your testing experience and ensure seamless integration with your ecosystem. Keep an eye out for upcoming releases as we add support for more popular integrations.