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Tesmon Desktop

Tesmon Desktop serves as your gateway to the Tesmon platform, streamlining local development and testing processes. It's available for free download and usage without the necessity of an account, except when accessing premium features. Built with TesmonLang, Tesmon Desktop combines the simplicity of YAML with the power of Python. This unique blend enables a fluid transition from desktop usage to Tesmon cloud. For more about TesmonLang, see our API Reference.

Automation Testing

All activities performed on Tesmon Desktop seamlessly integrate with the Tesmon Cloud Platform, facilitating the transition to automated testing.

  • Powered by TesmonLang:

Tesmon Desktop

Privacy First

Your privacy and security are paramount. Tesmon Desktop operates without requiring account creation, ensuring all your data stays local on your machine. Rest assured, no code or data is transmitted to the cloud, keeping your work private and secure.

Hardware Support

  • Mac Users: Available for both Apple Silicon and Intel-based machines.
  • Windows/Linux Users: Support is coming soon! We're excited to bring Tesmon Desktop to a wider audience.