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The Tesmon workspace settings are configured using a YAML configuration file named tesmon.config.yml in the repository. This file must contain at least the workspace settings, and all other settings are optional.

Here is an example of a tesmon.config.yml file that defines the workspace settings:

workspace: workspace1


workspaceWorkspace name. You can create a Workspace here.true
pathsSpecifies the directories, files, or globbing patterns that should be included in the build. If the paths option is not specified, all directories and files at the root level of the project will be included in the build.

Globbing patterns for files parameter

Tesmon uses the built-in node-glob and mini match libraries to support filename expansion (also known as globbing), which makes it possible to specify multiple source files at once. This is often more practical than specifying each file individually.

File path:

  • '*' matches any number of characters, but not /
  • '?' matches a single character, but not /
  • '**' matches any number of characters, including /, as long as it’s the only thing in a path part
  • '' allows for a comma-separated list of “or” expressions
  • '!' at the beginning of a pattern will negate the match
  • foo/*.yml will match all files ending with .yml in the foo/ subdirectory.
  • foo/**/*.yml will match all files ending with .yml in the foo/ subdirectory and all of its sub directories.


workspace: workspace1
- "resources/**/*.yml"
- "tests/*.yml"