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Time Taken

With Tesmon, performance can be measured during development and testing, and does not have to be an afterthought. The Time Taken feature allows you to measure the response time of your APIs without any instrumentation, and can be used to monitor performance over time.

In addition, Time Taken can help you catch regressions whenever the API performance regresses. This is particularly important in cases where you have a complex query of SQL or a slow database query. The feature identifies endpoints that take longer than expected and potential issues with caching or database queries.


If the Test Run Engine is deployed on a local machine, the time taken to execute tests will include the network latency from the local machine to the public cloud where the application is hosted. This may impact the accuracy of the test results, particularly if the tests involve network-intensive operations.

To ensure accurate timing, it is recommended to deploy the Test Run Engine within the same VPC as the application, without any network latencies added.

To use Time taken, simply run tests against your APIs and view the results in the Tesmon UI or CLI.

Tesmon time taken