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Welcome to the Tesmon Assertion-Free AI Testing Platform, your comprehensive solution for end-to-end testing of Distributed Systems. From the intricacies of UI to the complexities of backend processes, Tesmon provides a seamless testing experience.


Tesmon Desktop is your local companion for development and testing, offering an intuitive and powerful environment for thorough and controlled testing workflows. It's designed to make your local development and testing as efficient as possible, with all interactions naturally extending to Tesmon Cloud.

When you're ready to scale up, Tesmon Cloud takes the baton for automation testing, providing a scalable, cloud-based platform that ensures your applications perform flawlessly in production environments.

Powered by TesmonLang, our innovative language built on the simplicity of YAML combined with the dynamism of Python, Tesmon enables both declarative and dynamic testing strategies that are simple to write, yet powerful in execution.

If you need assistance or have any questions, our dedicated support team is ready to help. Start with Tesmon today, and elevate your development and testing to new heights.