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Tesmon consists of seven main components:

  1. Tesmon AI Cloud: The Tesmon AI Cloud is the core of the Tesmon AI platform, providing various AI-powered capabilities, including test generation and more. It is where all the data and results from your tests are stored and processed.
  2. Test Run Engine: This container deployed within your environment allows you to run tests on your own infrastructure.
  3. Tesmon CLI: This is a command-line interface (CLI) that allows you to develop and test cases locally.
  4. Tesmon UI: This is the user interface for Tesmon, where you can visualize the results of your tests, run new tests, and view dashboards and other visualizations of your data.
  5. Version control system: Tesmon integrates with your version control system (VCS), so you can store and manage your tests within your existing VCS repository. We currently support GitHub and GitLab.
  6. Code editor: You can use any code editor you prefer to author your test cases.
  7. CI/CD: The Tesmon CLI has been specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with all popular CI/CD providers. With this integration, you can easily automate your testing process using Tesmon within your CI/CD pipeline. This feature helps streamline your testing and monitoring, saving time and improving the quality and reliability of your software.